Clock Hand Parts
Clock Hand Parts
Exactly How to Fit Big Clock Hands
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Huge clock hands are those that are longer than around 7 inches (talking the minute hand, not the hour hand). The reason huge clock hands are so assigned is that sizes greater than that cutoff length consider too much for a standard electric motor to turn

Huge clock hands are in theory limitless in length, yet almost speaking you won't see any type of longer than eighteen inches, indicating that the equivalent clock would be at least a lawn in diameter. Also then, the likeliest application for such a wrist watch would certainly be something installed directly to the wall (making use of the wall surface as the dial, in a manner of speaking) without being confined in a situation.

Manufacturers need to tune to the sweet place on the market, as well as for clocks that suggests sizes ranging from a few inches to regarding ten to twelve inches. For this reason, clock activities (or electric motors) are supplied with simply enough power to revolve any and all hands falling in this variety. This allows the maker to make simply 2 versions of each motion, one with typical torque and also one with high torque.

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