Tech Insurance ON
Tech Insurance ON
Tech Insurance. Simple. Fast
Burlington, ON, Canada

Specialized Business Insurance for IT Consultants, MSPs, Software & Game Developers, Data Centres, Web Designers & Many Other Information Technology Businesses and Professionals

The name Tech Insurance Ontario says it all:
we are tech insurance specialists.

But when we tell people that we have dedicated technology insurance advisors, we usually get a blank stare, followed by:

What's the difference?
Isn't it all just business insurance anyway?
Actually …. it’s not.

Think about it. There’s insurance for pretty much everything and for all kinds of very different businesses (restaurants, mining operations, farms) - You name it.

That means that there are thousands of different types of policies with unique coverage and unique exclusions. So, it’s impossible for any one insurance advisor to have deep knowledge about all of them.

It’s like when you hire a programmer: would you advertise a position for “any programmer” or for a programmer with expertise in the programming language you need.

So, by focusing on just “tech insurance“, our business insurance specialists are able to invest a considerable amount of time and resources learning about your industry.

We know:

- Which insurers offer the most comprehensive coverage and the best rates for your type of business.
- Which insurance companies to turn to for specialized coverage needs
- And which insurers provide the best claim service

The result is a win-win situation:

Tech Insurance Ontario benefits from the opportunity to do business with you, and you benefit from our focused expertise.

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