The Swiss Concept of Disinfection
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Since 2009, Saniservice has been the standard when it comes to disinfection in the United Arab Emirates.

Saniservice is a licensed sanitization company offering a unique and ‘green’ disinfection service that significantly reduces pathogens and toxins in the air, water and on surfaces. We respect both people’s health and the environment when sanitizing the areas in which they work, travel and live.

Our disinfection solution disperses a specialized eco-friendly bio-sanitizer agent that eradicates airborne and surface-based bacteria, as well as viral and fungal infections. The revolutionary combination of a 100% chemical-free disinfection, high-end spraying technology, and first-class service can be used in a myriad of environments, such as cars, buses, residential, offices, hotels, restaurants, health clubs, and schools.

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