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ResVPN isn't like traditional VPN, we take pride in providig each user, with a 100% dedicated residential IP, that will not only protect them from hackers, snooping ISPs or malware, but would allow them to also allow them to have access to content that would be blocked on traditional VPNs.


Q. Can I bypass gaming bans with this ?
A. Yes you can.

Q. If I get banned from a website/game and want to switch my IP, can I do so ?
A. Sure, but with a fee attatched, contact support for more information.

Q. What do you mean by dedicated ?
A. Dedicated means, that you own the IP for your subscription period. You are free to utilize the IP in any moral and legal way possible without fear that someone else may have the same IP.

Q. How fast the VPN?
A. VPN speeds vary from 300Mbps to 500Mbps. It's qoute fast.

Q. Residential VPN ? Is this a botnet ?
A. No, we legally obtain IPs from Internet Service Providors, and then lease them to you, the client.

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