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Banyuwangi Sub-District, Indonesia

Thanks for your trusted to our service and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us, Here is the number for quick response at whatsapp _____ +62 852 04932963 __________

OSINGVACATION is a tour company that will provide high quality services to the clien.osingvacation start in long time ago by provide offline reservation and commenced operations online 08 oktober 2014

Osingvacation is a travel company specializing in tours for small and medium group.

osingvacation will target small and midle group of traveler in eastern Java, Bali region including Banyuwangi and surrounding areas. osingvacation will look for the traveler with the same destination and combine its
This will give the traveler the flexibility needed to reach sites with minimum cost

Through extensive contacts, osingvacation have determined that the most professional and has the capacity to carry out these activities and thus we offer different types of services are flexible tour

The main purpose of osingvacation for next year are to:

- Improve the service to our customer

- Creating new jobs for the local

- Generate a young enterpreneur of tourism

- Develop tourism techniques that meet the needs of travelers.

osingvacation located at:

jl jaksa agung Suprapto gg Annur 2 welaran barat
penganjuran banyuwangi
East Java - Indonesia

Sleeping space provided will accommodate traveller during the program

Osingvacation mission statement is to:

Being a leader in tourism by providing our clients with a solid service that saves them time and money.

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