MSU Pride Community Centre
Confidential Peer Support Warmline (non-crisis support)
Hamilton, Canada

We are a peer support service run by 2STLGBQIA+ students, for 2STLGBQIA+ students at McMaster which advocates for queer, trans and two-spirit students on campus. The PCC provides peer support offered by trained volunteers with lived experiences.

Our Safe(r) Space will be closed for the summer months and will re-open in September 2021.

If you require support outside of our space hours, you can request peer support by filling out our anonymous peer support request form:

Thank you for reaching out to the MSU Pride Community Centre. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality to the best of our ability for all peer support requests run through our service.

We have the following limits to confidentiality under McMaster Policy upon disclosure of sexual violence. If a space user discloses an incidence of sexual violence and one of these categories (shown below) applies, then we are obliged to report this to a University body.

Limits to Confidentiality in the event of sexual violence disclosure:

1.) There is a risk of serious harm to self, others, or the community at-large
2.) There is an obligation by law (e.g., the disclosee is a minor)
3.) There is an obligation by a regulatory body (e.g., the perpetrator belongs to a professional college)

Note that we are a peer support service run by and for 2STLGBQIA+ and questioning students at McMaster and as such, can provide peer support but do not provide health-related services or counselling though we can definitely refer you to these services. We are happy to provide support during our operating hours and can accommodate for after hours support if needed.

Our Safe(r) Space offered via Community Discord will be closed for the summer months and will re-open in September 2021.
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