Kitchen Manager
Kitchen Manager
Free Online Ordering Menu & Delivery Platform
Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Kitchen Manager is a platform for Food & Beverage (or relevant) business operator/owner to manage their online menu, ordering, delivery task, and portals. The online ordering menu is a one-stop-centre integrates website, facebook page and mobile app.

Kitchen Manager solution platform is developed and managed by Kitchen Manager Solutions (fully owned by Treasure Resources Network), allowing any F&B operators to manage their daily services (mainly order & delivery) at their finger tips. The integration between website, facebook page and mobile app helps the operator to manage their task at ease.

At the moment, our platform offers the following plans.
Free Plan provide FREE ordering menu with delivery app integration and FoodBooking listing.
Premium Plan offers more advance and powerful features, including website integration.
Business Plan provides more with rebranding features allowing you to establish an exclusive image to your customers.

While there is no time limit for Free Plan at this stage, both Premium Plan and Business Plan shall be providing more advanced features allowing you to increase your business image and value.

With Free Plan, you will be able to get familiar with the features and straightaway offer an online ordering menu to your customer, before subscribing to our optional plans at a very affordable rates, for a better business value.

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