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In any field, pursuing the ultimate is an art. Riding an electric bike, as long as you are proficient in it, ride well, and ride like a master, then you are a true artist, even the internationally renowned Bicycle Design Institute cannot deny your artistic talent. Those who do not ride electric bikes can only be said to be ignorant of art, they ride solely for leisure and do not elevate this behavior to the level of art. Such people have really low taste.

Riding a bike can also reflect one's cultivation. Every time my esteemed friends visit and see me engaging in this artistic behavior of riding an electric bike, they all exclaim, "Brilliant! Your skills have reached a new level." At such times, I always modestly respond, "You flatter me; this is just out of my love for environmental protection." The admiration of my friends fully demonstrates my noble cultivation from one aspect. On the contrary, I sometimes have to interact with people who do not ride electric bikes. It is regrettable that I once visited such a person and found him riding a regular bicycle. I couldn't help but ask, "Did you just ride a regular bicycle?" The person's face showed an embarrassed expression and replied, "I just don't have the money to buy an electric bike..." I was very angry at the time, I picked up his bicycle and slammed it hard on the ground, "What is your money compared to the country! Without environmental protection, you are nothing!" Then, I took out a small knife from my pocket, tore his bedsheet, and "cut off the relationship." People like this, do they understand what riding a bike means? They dare to call themselves "riders" for riding a regular bicycle? People with such low cultivation are truly contemptible.

Whenever I participate in various social occasions, such as parties, everyone comes to toast, while those who do not ride electric bikes often sit alone in a corner feeling melancholic. Riding a bike, if not an electric bike, what else is there to ride? Yes, it is nothing but regular bicycles, scooters, motorcycles; riders who do not care about environmental protection have really low quality, taste, and cultivation.

As the saying goes: If you don't ride a bike for three days, your mood will be low; if you don't move for two days, you will feel restless all over. This shows that if you want to ride a bike, you have to ride an electric bike. Those who do not ride electric bikes can only be said to blindly imitate foreign countries without understanding the importance of environmental protection. Compared to noble people like me, their quality is two levels lower.

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