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A good way to start exercising is to see what behaviours you can take charge of at home, such as getting off the sofa and fetching your own snacks, waking earlier and walking with the family. When you’re ready for the next step, gyms are great places to exercise, and socialise – they aren’t just places for the body beautiful to pose in front of mirrors taking selfies. For support and encouragement, ask a friend or family member to join you. There are female-only gyms, and facilities that cater for older patrons or gym newbies. My tip is to join a gym as close to your home, or work, as possible – you are more likely to continue going if it’s nearby. A few sessions with a trainer gets you and your endorphins going, and the gains to minimise anxiety are huge. Using a trainer has the added advantage of easing you into the gym, teaching you how to use the equipment properly and developing an exercise regimen suited to your individual situation, giving you confidence to eventually go on your own. A good habit to form is get out of bed at the first alarm, don’t hit snooze, put on the trackydacks, get the prepared water bottle out of the fridge, and hit the gym. Even if it’s only for a 30-minute stretch and breathe session, it’s worth it; you’ll feel better, guaranteed.

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