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Use 31 Day Movement Dials to Intrigue Others
Manager at Clock Parts
Culver City, United States

With 31 day movement dials one opens up an entire brand-new world of intriguing watches that are a full discovery to many people.

The 31 day movement dials prolong timekeeping to ensure that not only is the time of day provided but also the day of the month. The presentation is typically done by printing the twelve characters suggesting hours in Roman type (in their regular areas), and also uniformly dispersing Arabic numbers from 1 to 31 along the dial circumference.

These 31 day movement dials acquire their nomenclature from the needed pairing of them with matching motors, or movements. Traditional electric motors position the hour, min, and useds constantly; the special electric motor in our instance does that however additionally places a fourth (calendar) hand to point to the present date. The positioning jumps from one day to the following just after twelve o'clock at night.

There are other forms of time expansion exhibiting specially adjusted dials, equally intriguing to onlookers. A straightforward kind is the 24-hour cycle (rather usual, a minimum of as an alternative, in electronic clocks). In this kind the dial typically shows the numbers 13 with 24 in a concentric circle alongside the established from 1 via 12, which doesn't call for any changes to the movement operation.

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