Click Counter

Click Counter allows you to calculate your mouse clicking. In simple words, it estimates your mouse click in a certain time interval. You can click as many times as you want, and our CPS tool will help you compute the score.

This tool is free and easy to access and calculates your mouse clicking rate in the given period. Operating the click counter game is effortless and comforting at the same time. The game accommodates all age crowds, so don't bother if you are just a student, junior, or a self with a corporate job.

A Clicks Per Second is the most trustworthy way to measure how fast you can click. The easy tool is based on the click test. This is a click counter that displays how many clicks you can make per second, or in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 60 seconds, and 100 seconds.

How to Measure Clicking Speed with click counter?

A mouse click is very essential to using a computer. Still, beyond that, nowadays, the use of mouse click has been improved due to the games, and there are so many games that contain a keyboard and click to play a game, and if you want to win that game, you need to skill, and these skills can be enhanced with the benefit of our tool.

Have you queried how many mouse clicks can you perform in thirty seconds? Well, many might not even know if there is a way to resolve such an atypical action. That will be a surprise for you if you get to know that this process does exist. And many not only utilize this tool to estimate their number of clicks, and it is very popular among gamer as a global game.

Clicker Speed Test Time Variations:

In a calm environment, it is possible to set your game settings according to your choice. There are several timestamps in the game, so you can choose one that functions for you. There are also some details about all of the variations in time.

Click Per Second Test

This is the shortest variation you can use to estimate your Clicks Per Second.

Click Per 5 Seconds

This is the second quickest time stamp to test your clicking speed. To estimate your click total over 5 seconds, divide your total clicks by the total number of seconds.

Click Test 10 Seconds:

Compared to the 5-second version, this is a step above. In this challenge, people are challenged to test their clicking speed in just 10 seconds.

Click Test 60 Seconds:

In this mode, gamer can test their Clicking Speed in a 60-second variation. Maintaining clicking on the button very fast appears to be a hard task for a long time.

Click Test 100 Seconds:

Among all the variations, this one is the longest. It is developed for pro gamer, who want to enhance their clicking speed more efficiently in clicks per 100 seconds.

Types of Speed Clicker Or Mouse Clicker

The following are some types of Speed Click Tests with a Mouse Click.

Click Counter: Without a time limit, it is a timeless framework to measure clicks. It is likely to test it using a laptop, mouse, or mobile phone. The program works as a helper according to your needs. As a counted bonus, you'll be able to share your results on social networks and get accurate results in seconds.

Mouse Test: With the mouse clicker test, you can justify your right button, left button, and center wheel by clicking on them. Using this task, you will learn how nicely your mouse performs, as well as how well your device functions.

Spacebar Click Test: You can improve your space bar in this type by clicking and holding. In the same way, you can test your spacebar counter by clicking it at a given time of intermission.

Aim Trainer: An aim trainer is simply a tool that allows you to train your aim for mouse accuracy. Without mouse precision, you cannot function well in most games. This game enhances your gaming skills based on each level.

Double Click Test: It is the foremost tool for testing your mouse double-clicking. You use double-clicking for many computer tasks as well as for gaming. You can double-click the left, right, and upper buttons on your mouse in a more accurate way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Click Faster?

While playing computer games, players use more than 5 methods to Click Faster. Sometimes the right finger can hurt from clicking on the same spot repeatedly. Thus, I recommend you try these techniques if you want to click fast like a king.

What is the best way to improve Clicking Rate?

You can boost your clicks per second by trying the following techniques:

1) Rather than a laptop track-pad, use a mouse, preferably a gaming mouse.
2) Start practicing Butterfly Clicking and Jitter Clicking.
3) You can alter the Sensitivity of the Mouse to Click Faster.
4) Practice clicking quickly with games or software.


A Mouse's Clicking Speed is an important concern when playing games or using a computer. It directs how many clicks can be made in a given period; this can be a second or as long as 100 seconds.

In a Clicking Speed Test, the Clicking capability of a mouse is computed so that the Clicking Speed can be determined. Generally, the more clicks that are made in a specific time period, the faster the speed of clicking. This relies on a variety of factors.

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