International Psychic and Advisor

I am an international psychic and clairvoyant with an extensive client base. I have spent many years using tarot, astrology, palmistry, crystals, chakra and dream analysis.

I have trained in spiritual healing with The National Federation of Spiritual Healers UK. I have qualifications in Reiki, aromatherapy, massage, life coaching, NLP.

I write horoscopes and articles for several psychic sites. I am also a counselor and psychic teacher.

I am available for live chat readings in 30- minute and 60-minute increments at the rate of $135 for 30 minutes and $240 for 60 minutes.

Please note I do not offer free readings. You can prepay for live sessions, using the links below.

30 minutes PayPal.Me/chrisalis/135

60 minutes PayPal.Me/chrisalis/240

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