Canuckle Word Game
Canuckle Word Game

What Happened to Canuckle? How Can I Play Canuckle

Here is what has happened to the Canuckle Wordle game and how to play the game.

Canuckle is a very popular Wordle inspired game where players need to guess the five-letter Canadian-themed word of the day.

The rules are the same as the original whereby no initial clues are given and you only have six guesses to solve the answer.

The differences between the games are that every correctly placed letter is red instead of green and that all the words are related to Canada in some way (of course).

As of the 1st of July, the Canuckle game has come to an end with there being 142 words released for the game.

If you go onto the Canuckle website now, you can only play the last word and if you can already complete it, the board will not reset.

What Happened to the Canuckle Game?

The developers of the game have always stated that the game will only be around for a limited time and they felt that July 1st, 2022 was the perfect time to bring the game to an end as this is Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day.

Here is the full message from the Canuckle team:

“It’s hard to believe that the final week of Canuckle is here! It’s been almost 20 weeks since our first word on Feb 10, but seems like we started only yesterday!

Canada Day will be the last Canuckle puzzle (word #142!), and then all of the words will be available to play in the Canuckle Archive.

We are not shutting things down indefinitely, but after Canada Day, the game will be on hiatus for the time being and we’ll be enjoying a break over the summer months.

It’s certainly bittersweet. We are sad that the game is ending, but also proud of what we were able to create.

We committed to run Canuckle for a limited time so that we could ensure we had a good set of words related to Canada.

While we’d love for Canuckle to continue forever, it has an expiry date given the limited number of Canada-related 5-letter words.

We do have more words ready to go, but we’ve selected our favorite words to lead up to Canada Day and end on a high note. We felt that wrapping up on Canada’s birthday was quite the poetic ending for a Canadian game!

You never know what could happen down the road…for now, we are wrapping things up, but perhaps we’ll be back again someday!

We are looking into creating a Canuckle app, and have also considered some variations like 6- or 7-letter Canadian words, limited time pop-up games, and themed games (i.e. famous/influential Canadians), so you probably haven’t heard the last of Canuckle just yet.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @CanuckleGame for all the latest news and updates going forward.

This means that they could pick up the game again after their break with even longer words, but at the moment nothing has been set in stone.

We will of course be keeping an eye on any new project the team comes up with and if they continue the game, where we will continue with the hints and answers for each word.

Canuckle Archive – How to Play Old Canuckle Words and Answers

If you still want to get your Canuckle fix and did not play from the start, you can always check out the Canuckle Archive website, where you can play all the 142 words that have already been released.

If you need help with any of the words, we have a full list of all the answers for each day below.

They have been listed in their 20s so it will be easier to find the day you are looking for.

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