Mamoon Rashid
Mamoon Rashid
Client Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal.
Lahore, Pakistan

An IT Consultant with a master's degree in business administration, combining my skills of IT and business and thus creating a unique flair that brings awesome results to my clients and in turn, me :)

I own and run multiple companies and am a partner in several IT based companies around the globe especially in the US and Europe, specializing in Application Development, Database Administration, and Project Management in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in IoT, AR & VR and of course "Intelligent things" :)

In short.....I am a solution provider!

My Principal Company, Hashe Computer Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

We excel both in stand-alone and web-based applications and would like to offer you our services in relation to your particular business interest. If we are not the best - we are pretty close to being one :)

We do not work "for" our clients, we work "with" our clients... if you know the difference ... then you must also know... is a BIG one :)

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