Support: Slipstream Absinthe
Support: Slipstream Absinthe
The Art of Drinking Absinthe
Scottsdale, United States

We appreciate your support and welcome you to contact us with any questions you may have for us about it's use and functionality. We can also help you find real genuine brands of absinthe and help you learn more about it in the 21st century.

We invented the Slipstream Absinthe Glass to bring together a convenient modern day absinthe experience that embraces the traditional roots of the "Absinthe Louche Ritual". Discover the Art of Drinking Absinthe and "Water Your Absinthe Artistically"! If you would like to learn more about the current absinthe revival and be a part of it please find us on our social media communities and join others in our quest for the ultimate absinthe experience and let us know about yours! We need your help to debunk much of the negative misinformation our there. We would love to hear about your experience at SLIPSTREAMâ„¢ Absinthe and would greatly appreciate if you could share your experience via description, picture, or video review online. It helps tremendously!

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