Michael Glover at Legacy Global
Michael Glover at Legacy Global
Live Well, Leave A Legacy

Michael Glover is the Director of Advancement at Legacy Global Foundation. Feel free to call or text at (480) 442-3348

Established in 2001, Legacy Global Foundation is a 501(c) 3 public, non-profit organization with a mission to bless the whole world by delivering the promise that inspires charitable giving. Legacy offers unique solutions and tools for charitable giving to high-net-worth individuals and families. Legacy supports charities by helping donors integrate charitable giving strategies to protect donors’ assets, increase available income and reduce taxes while financially contributing to charitable organizations.

Legacy is led by a principle-based, long-term-focused Board of Directors, and staffed by a dedicated group of caring individuals. As a philanthropic organization, Legacy focuses on its charitable mission and initiatives. Legacy encourages and recognizes the value of donor recommendations and intent.

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Legacy provides mutually advantageous opportunities for charities, donors, businesses, and financial & legal advisors. Legacy provides strategies and tools for lifestyle-enhancing benefits with maximum simplicity. As part of this, Legacy delivers guaranteed benefits to donors and the charitable causes that donors support.

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