Clicks Speed Test – Check Your Clicking Speed Test with Click Counter

A click test measures the speed of your clicks within a specified time frame. The click speed test and click counter are the same things, so in simple terms, the click test tells us how many times a person can click the mouse.
Here, we offer you the opportunity to take our click speed test, a game designed to measure your clicking speed. The more you click, the better your score. Playing again and again without any limitations will allow you to beat your speed. Additionally, you can improve your performance for gaming purposes such as shooting and action games. Mouse clicking is one method for doing so.

How To Calculate fastest clicks per second?

If you are wondering that how we calculate clicks per second.

Formula: CPS = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds.

The number of clicks per second is equal to the number of clicks divided by the number of times. The click per second is easily determined by applying this formula.

Time variation for Clicks Speed Test

It is possible to set the game settings according to your needs in a controlled environment. There are different time stamps in the game; you can choose any of them. In addition, we've provided you with a little information about all-time variations.

Click Per Second Test: This is the shortest variation for calculating clicks per second.

Clicks Test 5 Seconds: It is the second shortest time stamp that you can use to test your clicking speed. Divide the total number of clicks in 5 seconds by the total number of seconds.

Click Test 10 Seconds: It is a step higher than the 5-second variation. By taking this challenge, people can test their clicking speed in just a click every 10 seconds.

Click Test 30 Seconds: With the click test 30 seconds, you can test your average speed of clicking. You will have more time than the 10-second challenge.

Click Test 60 Seconds: This mode is for gamers who want to test their clicking speed in a 60 second time variation. For a long time, clicking on the button very quickly seems to be a tough job.

Click Test 100 Seconds: This is the longest variation among them all. It is specifically designed for professional gamers who wish to improve their clicking speed more efficiently in clicks per 100 seconds.

Types of Speed Clicks Or mouse Clicks

Here are some types of speed click tests with a mouse click

Click Counter: It is a timeless framework for counting clicks, which can be done at any time without a time limit. You can test it with a mouse, laptop, or mobile phone. According to your needs, the program helps you to count. Additionally, you can enjoy social sharing, browser compatibility, and exact results in just a blink of an eye.

Mouse Test: In the mouse clicker test, you can justify your mouse buttons, i.e. the right button, the left button, and the center wheel, by clicking on them. You will be able to see how your mouse performs, as well as how your device performs.

Spacebar Click Test: The Spacebar Click Test is one in which you can elevate your space bar by clicking. In the same way, by hitting the spacebar in a given time interval, you can test your spacebar counter.

Trainer Aim: Trainer Aim is just a tool for practicing mouse accuracy since most games will not work properly without it. A level-based game that improves your gaming skills according to each level.

Double Click Test: It is the ultimate tool to test your mouse's capacity to double-click. As well as your gaming tasks, double-clicking plays a critical role in many computer tasks. To test your mouse's right-left, and upper buttons more clearly, you can double-click them.

Features of Click Speed Test

1. Clicking Speed Test

It is a game designed to calculate clicking speed and the number of clicks in given time variations. The Click Test measures your ability to click quickly on a mouse button. It is a great game to play and test your clicking speed. It is fun to test your clicking speed again and again for the best score. It is up to you to compete globally, and to achieve your goals.

2. Give instant results

You can check your clicker test speed results instantly in this game. If you are not satisfied with your score, you can play the game several times to improve it.

3. No lagging

In order to improve and maintain its performance, this game was designed without any performance issues. The application has no issues with lagging, delays, or hanging. There is no lag when you play the game. The game is free of technical issues so you can play better and make progress faster.

4. Compatible with any browser

All major browsers, including Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc., are compatible with our website. A great website is one that is compatible with multiple browsers, regardless of the version. This is known as cross-browser compatibility. We make sure that our web pages are compatible with all the major browsers. The mobile experience is excellent as well.

5. Social Sharing

The interesting feature of this game is that you can share your score with your friends and invite them to play. By using our website, the player can share his clicking test score with friends on any of his favorite social media platforms and challenge them to beat it. The users can share content via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

6. Mobile Friendly

Mobile compatibility is another feature of the game. Because the mobile web view and the web version are identical, mobile users can also test their skills from the web version. You can test clicking speed easily in the given specific timespan.

7. No Account is required

To play the game on our website, you do not need to create an account. The process is simple and hassle-free. You do not need to create an account.

8. Different time variations to choose

Our users can choose between different time variations to test their clicking speed. The options to test their speed are click per second, click per 5 seconds, click per 10 seconds, click per 30 seconds, and click per minute (60 seconds), while the fastest speed is click per 100 seconds.
At these different times, how fast can you click? Take a test and see for yourself.

9. An Interesting game to compete with your friends

It's an interesting game to challenge your friends with your highest score in the click speed test. Users will enjoy the competitive aspect of this game.

Compete with your friends by seeing how fast they can hit the spacebar in the given time. You can break the other records and set your highest score. If you go faster, you can achieve your highest score faster.


What is the highest cps in 5 seconds?
How many clicks are there in 5 seconds? 15.4 clicks per second is the world record for the most clicks in 5 seconds.

How fast can you click without jitter clicking?
When jitter-clicking, be careful. Jitter-clicking over a long period of time can cause injury to your arm, wrist, hand, and fingers. Avoid jittering for more than 15 - 30 seconds. Your hand can be seriously damaged.