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we wased established in 2009 with one plainly specified objective : produce fantastic on the internet ready the universe to play. In 2011, we moved emphasis to Massively Multiplayer On the internet (MMO) technique video games, and because the launch from the post-apocalyptic traditional, Overall Supremacy, we haven’t recalled.

The success from Overall Supremacy moved we to open up cutting edge workshops about the world, and to establish acclaimed hardcore MMORTS titles for Web web browsers, social networks, and mobile phones. Our many well-known titles consist of Vikings : Battle from Clans, Stormfall : Age from Battle, Soldiers Inc. , and Throne : Kingdom at Battle. In our brief however eventful background, we‘ve pressed the limits from on the internet video gaming society and produced top quality, free-to-play on the internet ready everybody.

we is devoted to the development from affordable, available, extremely immersive on the internet video game globes. Our gamers can take place legendary conquests throughout the North in Vikings : Battle from Clans, attempt to make it through in the extreme, advanced battlegrounds from Soldiers Inc : Mobile War, and involve with many various other varied styles and opponents throughout our extensive collection from titles. We job tirelessly to establish groundbreaking brand-new includes for all our video games, remaining to improve the video gaming experience years after introduce.

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