Michael Jacob
Michael Jacob
Essay Writer at My Perfect Words
New York, United States

I am a professional essay writer, consultant, researcher and editor from past 10 years. I have also worked as chief editor with few prominent news agencies. I write on a varying range of themes, regarding politics, psychology, anthropology, marketing and finance. I am not just a skilled writer but also qualified with a degree in Business management and English literature.

Most professional writers have sound experience of working in academic writing firms. They provide valuable essays and papers without any plagiarism, with perfect grammar and ideal composition. To get started with any essay or academic writing, you need to pick an effective topic that should be engaging enough to grab the attention of your readers. Select a topic wisely, do not go for topics that might trouble you at the time od data collection. Always choose the topic that excites you and motivates you to explore it.

When you finish writing your essay, never submit it before reading it. Even if you’ve read it in chunks but do read it when you finish it. Sometimes students miss this step and this minimizes their marks because of little mistakes left in the essay.

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