Emma Hegwood
Emma Hegwood

A resume is your business card, your first introduction to an employer and a correspondence acquaintance. Many job seekers are concerned about the question - what should be a resume in order for it to make a proper impression on the employer. It should be said right away that there is no single standard form, form or resume template, it is drawn up in any form, but must meet certain requirements. The general rule of writing a resume is clarity: the resume should not be too voluminous, the data in it must be informative and truthful.

Creative personality. I am engaged in writing. I write poems. In my portfolio there are about 200 abstracts and 100 reports.

I love music and movies. Open to new acquaintances and impressions.

I study web design and develop custom layouts. As a child I dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but after the injury the ballet was closed to me.

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